Low VHF TV Broadcast Antennas from 54 - 88 MHz

High Quality - Industrial Grade - Manufactured in Canada - Ships Worldwide

The low VHF broadcast antennas in the 54-88 MHz band are composed of either stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized steel. The antennas are manufactured and tuned on a per channel basis on any of Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, or Ch 6. The antennas are manufactured, tuned, and supplied in pairs of 2 that are intended to be mounted vertically, or one above another in the same vertical axis. Therefore, each pair of 2 individual units represents "1 bay" in the specifications, with all values in the specifications reflecting this arrangement. Both the low VHF panel antenna and the low VHF 2 element yagi antenna are made to withstand severe weather conditions, such as extreme ice, frost, wind, and rain. Included with all models is standard galvanized mounting hardware for any mast or pipe OD size.

The low VHF panel antenna and low VHF 2 element yagi antenna are horizontally polarized antennas that are meant to be side mounted to the support structure or tower. Since low VHF antennas as a function of frequency are quite large in nature, top mounting is typically not an option. All arrays are fully tested live before being packaged up for shipping, with the test results provided for customer clarity.

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Low VHF Panel Antenna

Low VHF Yagi


Horizontal VHF Panel Antenna

Straight Dipole Panel


Horizontal VHF Yagi

2 Element Yagi

The Panel and the Yagi models are tuned across 6 MHz each and are supplied in pairs, each pair representing 1 bay.