FM Broadcast Antennas for 88 - 108 MHz

High Quality - Industrial Grade - Manufactured in Canada - Ships Worldwide

The FM broadcast antennas in the 88-108 MHz FM band antennas are composed of either stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, or structural aluminum and are welded at critical joints for robust operation and long-term reliability. All FM antennas are carefully crafted and are made to operate without failure in the most severe installation environments. Included with all models is standard galvanized mounting hardware for any mast or pipe OD size.

Horizontal, vertical, and circular polarizations are available in a variety of configurations, such as exposed dipole antenna, bent dipole panel antenna, straight dipole panel antenna, and cross dipole circularly polarized omni-directional antennas that can be either top mounted or side mounted to the support structure or tower. Customized fine-tuning is available to achieve low return loss values to keep your broadcast system running without failure during frost or ice buildup weather events. All arrays are fully tested live before being packaged up for shipping, with the test results provided for customer clarity.

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FM Panel Antennas


Horizontal FM Panel

Straight Dipole Panel


Expanded Hpol Beamwidth

Bent Dipole Panel


Vertical FM Panel

Straight Dipole Panel

Circularly Polarized Antennas


Circular FM Antenna

Low Wind Load Cpol FM


Circular FM Antenna

Removable Elements


Circular FM Antenna

Hight Strength Cpol FM

Vertical FM Dipole Antenna


Aluminum FM Dipole

Exposed Dipole


Stainless Steel FM Dipole

Exposed Dipole

Log Periodic FM Antenna


FM Log Periodic

Horizontal or Vertical